ѕυммєя ιnғєяnαl, ραяαdιѕαl нєll
ι υndєяѕтαnd nσω, тнє тσll σғ тнє вєll

кαllєn кσzυкι
Date: 2007-12-02 02:28
Subject: 100% Private (well, excluding this one particular entry of course...)
Security: Public
Music:Kill The Lights - The Birthday Massacre

P r i v a t e ღ J o u r n a l

No matter how you ended up here, you've reached a dead end. This is the completely private journal of an eccentric 18 year old girl who is far too paranoid to allow you access to her musings over the soon-to-be world's demise, excessive fangirling, complaints regarding the stupidity of the English language, or politically driven rants. So just be on your merry way, then.

Trust me. You really don't want to read this. (Then again, if you truly, actually do...congratulations. You make me look sane.)

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